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2022-12-06, Three phase full shunt ammeter evaluation board based on ISOSD61 STM32F413RH

The STMICRO EVALST-3PHISOSD evaluation board implements a complete three-phase current meter with a low-cost shunt current sensor. The solution is based on the ISOSD61 device, a single-channel, electrically isolated second-order sigma-delta modulator that measures the current of each phase through a shunt current sensor.

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2022-12-06, Dual channel differential DSL line driver

The EL1528 is a dual channel differential amplifier designed for driving full rate ADSL signals at very low power dissipation. The high drive capability of 450mA makes this driver ideal for both CAP and DMT designs. It contains two pairs of wideband, high-voltage, current mode feedback amplifiers optimized for low power consumption in DSL systems

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2022-12-06, Renesas offers low noise/low power /2 line bus single digital control potentiometer

The X9429 integrates a single digitally controlled potentiometer (XDCP) on a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit. The digital control potentiometer is realized by series array of 63 resistance elements. Between each element are tap points connected to the wiper terminal by a switch. The user controls the position of the wiper on the array through the 2-wire bus interface

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2022-12-06, Texas Instruments AMC1304x High precision, enhanced Delta-Sigma modulator with LDO

The AMC1304 is a precision, delta-sigma (ΔΣ) modulator with the output separated from the input circuitry by a capacitive double isolation barrier that is highly resistant to magnetic interference. This barrier is certified to provide reinforced isolation of up to 7000 VPEAK according to the DIN VDE V 0884-11, UL1577 and CSA standards. Used in conjunction with isolated power supplies, the device prevents noise currents on a high common-mode voltage line from entering the local system ground and interfering with or damaging low voltage circuitry.

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2022-12-05, TDK TFM-BLE thin film power supply circuit inductor

TDK has developed a new TFM-BLE series thin film power supply circuit inductor. TDK integrates the film technology developed in the magnetic head business into the manufacturing of this series of inductors, and uses TDK's characteristic conductor forming technology to use magnetic metal materials with high saturation magnetic flux density as core materials, so as to meet the DC bias characteristics required by inductors in power circuits, and optimizes space constrained applications such as smart phone power circuits

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2022-12-05, Renesas offers Precision Low Power FGA Voltage

The ISL60002 FGA voltage references are very high precision analog voltage references fabricated using the Renesas proprietary Floating Gate Analog (FGA) technology and feature low supp

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2022-12-05, NXP single-chip dual H-bridge power integrated circuits are ideal for portable electronics applications

The 17529 is a monolithic dual H-Bridge power IC ideal for portable electronic applications containing bipolar step motors and/or brush DC-motors (e.g., cameras and disk drive head positioners).

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2022-12-05, The Texas Instruments OPA330 series CMOS operational amplifier delivers accurate performance

The OPA330 series of CMOS operational amplifiers offer precision performance at a very competitive price. These devices are members of the Zero-Drift family of amplifiers which use a proprietary autocalibration technique to simultaneously provide low offset voltage (50-μV maximum) and near-zero drift over time and temperature at only 35 μA (maximum) of quiescent current.

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2022-12-05, Renesas 40MHz Non-Inverting Quad CMOS Driver

The EL7457 is a high speed, non-inverting, quad CMOS driver. It is capable of running at clock rates up to 40MHz and features 2A peak drive capability and a nominal on-resistance of just 3. The EL7457 is ideal for driving highly capacitive loads, such as storage and vertical clocks in CCD applications. It is also well suited to ATE pin driving, level-shifting, and clock-driving applications.

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2022-12-05, Texas Instruments' 12-bit, octal, ultra-low fault, voltage output digital-to-analog converter

The DAC7558 is a 12-bit, eight-way, voltage-output DAC with excellent linearity and monotony. Its proprietary architecture minimizes unnecessary transients such as code-to-code failures and channy-to-channel crosstalk. The low-power DAC7558 works from a single 2.7v to 5.5v power supply. Available in a 32 pin QFN package, suitable for range from -40°C to 105°C

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2022-12-03, ROHM has developed an insulated MOSFET with a small size and ultra-low power consumption

ROHM has developed a small and efficient 20V voltage Nch MOSFET*1 "RA1C030LD", which is ideal for switching applications of wearable devices, wireless headphones and other listening devices, as well as smart phones and other thin and small devices.

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2022-12-02, Renesas provides a horizontal output synchronous separator EL1883ISZ-T7

The EL1883 video synchronous separator is manufactured using Elantec's high-performance analog CMOS process. The device extracts synchronous timing information from standard and non-standard video inputs and Macrovision pulses. It offers composite synchronization, vertical synchronization, burst/back porch timing, and horizontal output. Fixed 70mV Sync hint slice provides sync edge detection when the video input level is between 0.5VP-P and 2VP-P (sync hint amplitude 143mV to 572mV).

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2022-12-02, Infineon introduces the XENSIV TLE4971 series magnetic current sensor for vehicles

Infineon Technologies has announced the launch of the new XENSIV TLE4971 series of magnetic current sensors to further enrich its automotive current sensor portfolio. The series of magnetic current sensors can also be used in a variety of industrial applications, such as electric vehicle DC chargers, industrial drivers, servo drivers, photovoltaic inverters, etc.

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2022-12-02, Melexis introduces multi-function dual latch and switch chip

Melexis announced the release of a versatile programmable 3-axis latch and switch chip MLX92352 for relative position and speed sensing applications. The device has a flexible magnetic design that supports dual output regardless of spacing, and the output can be set to speed, pulse or direction. With its superior EMC and ESD performance, this PCB-free device saves space and total module costs for automotive and industrial applications.

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2022-12-02, Maxim integrated MAX20079 36V step-down converter

The MAX20079 is a small, automotive grade synchronous buck converter with integrated high-side and low-side switches. The device is designed to deliver up to 3.5A with input voltages from +3V to +36V while using only 3.5μA quiescent current at no load.

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2022-12-02, Diode integrated AL5871Q 55V linear LED driver

Diode AL5871Q is an automotive class single-channel linear LED driver with PWM and analog dimming control. The AL5871Q can be driven up to 750mA and the LED current can be set via a low-power reference resistor connected to the REF pin.The AL5871Q regulates LED current accurate to ±4%, with excellent PWM and analog dimming performance. The AL5871Q enters standby mode to save power if no PWM signal is detected.

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2022-12-02, Qorvo QPF4658 Wi Fi 6E Front End Module

The Qorvo QPF4658 Wi-Fi 6E front-end module is an integrated front-end module (FEM) designed for Wi-Fi 6 and 6E (802.11ax) systems. The QPF4658 integrates a 6-7 GHZ power amplifier (PA), a single-pole double-throw switch (SP2T) and a bypassable low noise amplifier (LNA) into a single device.